Welcome to my new web site.  It will be mostly about 1:20.3 scale garden railroading with a distinct Rio Grande Southern flavor.  This site replaces my previous site known as “Sn3nut’s Home Page.”

For those of you who have known me as the Sn3nut for the past thirty years, well … let’s just say I am moving on to bigger and better things.  Truth is — I just can’t see the 1:64 stuff anymore,   If my eyes keep getting worse, I may be in 1:1 scale someday!

I will be moving some of my on-line clinics and reference material from the previous site as time permits.  I will also start copying some of my posts from other sites and forums into the blog section.  The basic intent is to keep a running log of the what works (and what doesn’t) as I build my new outdoor empire.

Bob Hyman