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C-19 Battery Conversion Project

I fell in love with a “new-in-the box” Accucraft C-19 model of RGS #41 on display in the RGSRR Hobbies booth at the NGRC last month.  I really tried to resist but the model kept saying “take me, take me” … Continue reading

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Rekindling the Magic

I was outside early this morning, trying to get in a bit of weeding on the garden layout before it got too hot.  It’s easy to get discouraged this time of year, especially with the string of 100+ degree days … Continue reading

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I Give You America

Here is a story I wrote for my Boy Scout troop back in September 2001, shortly after the 9/11 attack.  It’s been almost ten years now, but the story is still relevant.  Since today is the 4th of July, I … Continue reading

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Types of Outdoor Layouts

Garden Railroads or Railroad Gardens? Is there really a difference?  I believe there is … at least conceptually. When I decided to transition into outdoor large scale railroading, I brought with me many of the ways of doing things I … Continue reading

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Locomotive Carrying Case

I needed a convenient way to transport my K-27.  Of course I could always just separate the locomotive and tender and move them in the manufacturer’s original cardboard and Styrofoam shipping containers.  This would involve disconnecting the plug-in wiring and … Continue reading

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Here is a Bachmann GRAMPS tank car that I weathered with acrylic paint washes and powdered pigments.  As I was working on it, my wife walked by and said, “I think you only like things that look old and decrepit!”  … Continue reading

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Bringing Up the Rear

Here are a couple of the cabooses (cabeese?) that I am currently using.  The 0404 long caboose is from Bachmann and include lighted marker lamps and a fully detailed, lighted interior.  The 0402 short caboose is from AMS. I weathered … Continue reading

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Curvature vs. Radius

The term “minimum radius” can be very confusing to model railroaders, particularly those of us who want to make our outdoor layouts look more prototypical and less toy-like in appearance.  As a necessity, manufacturers talk about minimum radius when they … Continue reading

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Drop Bottom Gondola

Here are a couple of photos of my newly weathered AMS 1:20.3 Drop-Bottom Gondola.  This car has amazing detail and is a great candidate for weathering. I first brushed on a grayish-brown acrylic paint to the car’s interior.  I use … Continue reading

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My Planned Layout

Layout Concept The layout is a 1:20.3 scale garden railroad.  In general, it is meant to represent a narrow gauge short line set in the 1939-1953 timeframe.  The layout is loosely based on the Rio Grande Southern Railroad and includes … Continue reading

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