Half-empty or Half-full?

Did anyone notice the partially filled glass of cold beer setting on the table at the National Garden Railroad Convention in Kansas City?

Someone from the NMRA Standards crowd said that it might symbolize unfulfilled requirements.  The rest of the NMRA-ers began drafting a document to explain what it meant and how they should handle the issue.

Someone from the 1:20.3 crowd started calculating the exact percentage full.  The rest of the Fn3-ers were soon busy calculating how long it would take to evaporate, go flat, or warm up to room temperature.

A member of the 1:29 contingent stared at the glass and boldly proclaimed: “The glass is half empty.”

A member of the 1:32 group stared at the glass and responded: “No, the glass is half full.”

The rest of the 1:29-ers and 1:32-ers became embroiled in a bitter argument.  They all begin citing case studies to prove their respective positions.

Both members of the LGB contingent unanimously agreed that the glass was too big.

Someone from the live steam crowd went up to the table, drank the beer and asked, “What was the question?”