Power Supplies

As an “Okie”, I feel obligated to share a few power supply thoughts with other garden railroaders.  First of all, you need to understand volts, amps and power. Here are a few tips when working with power supplies:

There is always room for improvement. I’m working on some new experiments with chemicals, electricity and power supplies. Still haven’t finished checking out which combination of electricity and water works best on Mondays. I can’t seem to get past 3 quarts of water per 220 volts of electricity. The lights don’t stay on long enough to read the gauges. Maybe higher amperage will work better … yeah … that’s it … higher amperage … that sounds like the right solution. Note to family: Expect power outage throughout the Oklahoma City metro area at 1:45 PM Monday.

I’m also busy testing the latest power supplies. Do you realize what improvements you can get out of a Bachmann “Big Hauler” power supply when you wire it with three phase 480 volts?

Famous Okie saying: “Hey y’all, watch this! … YAHOOOO !!!” Uh oh … there goes my neighbor playing with his 911 speed dial thingy again.

Fear your wife when she catches you modifying power supplies. I speak from experience. But don’t be intimidated by what your wife says is inappropriate use of electricity.  Remember … she’s not always around to watch you.

You want real intimidation? Just spend an afternoon running on my layout with my experimental power supplies. It might be a good idea to leave before the explosion though, unless you’re wearing asbestos underwear. As we say in Oklahoma, “Blow it up, but blow it up wisely.” I usually prefer fissionable materials but I’ll try anything once. At last count the State had imposed a surcharge on any power supply shipped into the county where I live. This is to offset the additional fire and paramedic protection that is required for anyone within a fifty-mile radius. “Hello? … 911? … Yep, it’s me again.”

Most of you are far enough away to avoid the fallout. But only because of these gol dang new wimpy power supplies … they don’t give as big a bang as the old gas guzzlers that made modeling more dramatic. I sure get nostalgic thinking about the good ol’ days when power supplies were included in the Nuclear Arms Treaties. Back then, the only thing to fear was fear itself … and maybe the mushroom shaped cloud over the layout.

A good homeowners insurance policy is highly recommended when modifying power supplies. Put 911 on speed dial. Get to know your local SWAT Team. Trust me … I know of what I speak.